2024 Kickoff

We’re already going into the 4th week of January and unfortunately this is my first time writing here in ~7 months. It’s amazing how quickly time passes by – there are many quotes that echo the sentiment… The days are long but the years are quick. Time waits for no one. All are true and sadly we can never get back wasted time nor can we buy more of it.

With that said, 2023 was a great year! A lot of great things happened and it also came with a lot of change as well. My business continues to strive and do well – overall gross numbers were down slightly from 2022 but I think we’ve also continued to see an economic decline as well. My day job has remained the same but we’ve seen a variety of personnel changes as our project manager and branch head made lateral position changes, opening up their positions to be backfilled.

I’m looking forward to a variety of things in 2024! I already have a few new product announcements on the horizon and possibly some new services. I’m looking to completely rebrand my local / retail business due to some brand confusion of the current naming. I’m realistically looking to finally complete construction efforts on my shop by the end of the year – ideally late summer.

I really don’t do well with New Year’s Resolutions or just goal setting in general. I know I have plans in place and objectives in mind and I work towards those as much as I can within the bounds of everything daily life likes to toss in the way. However, I recognize that I need to figure out how to do a better job prioritizing time for things like this (documenting) and more importantly marketing and social media sharing in general. I’m looking forward to 2024 and seeing how I can improve not only on this but as a husband, father, business owner, and all the other titles I hold as well. I’m excited to see what I’m able to accomplish in 2024. Let’s go!