Water Filtration

Water makes up about 60% of our bodies and helps to regulate our body temperature, lubricates and provide cushion for joints, and aids in many other bodily functions as well. Yet there are so many who have limited access to water globally and even fewer that have access to clean water. We’re blessed in the US to have access to so many resources yet, water treatment induces many chemicals into the water supply in order to clean the water… unfortunately those chemicals may not be the best things for our bodies.

With all that said, I decided to do a little research and purchased and install a 6-stage water filtration system including a reverse osmosis filter. This is the one I purchased: https://amzn.to/3lZX89Y

I was able to get it installed a few days ago…

6-Stage Water Filtration w/ Reverse Osmosis
Full Filtration System Installation
6-Stage Water Filtration Overview

Home Project || Amazon Echo Show 15

Nothing too crazy here but today’s project was wall mounting this Echo Show 15. It was very easy to install and I think it looks great!

Let’s see if we can be better organized in 2023! We’ll at least be able to get rid of that calendar on the fridge now.
Hey Alexa, can you add milk to the shopping list?

Home Project || Media Center – Part 2

I played around and got our surround sound temporarily wired… I’ll re-do it and clean up the wiring later but it’s nice finally getting to enjoy the in-wall and in-ceiling speakers again.

I’ve also been balancing customer orders but working on getting back to trimming out the network wiring too… after having to retrace where a lot of these were initially run.

I temporarily wired in the AVR and sub amp and have plans to add a second sub and amp later.
Slowly getting there… I need to terminate these and get the second patch panel mounted.
This view shows the in-ceiling speakers in the tray. They are currently wired as rear surrounds but I might transfer these to Dolby Atmos speakers later.
This view shows the in-ceiling 10-inch subwoofer (top left)… with plans to add another above the tree, centered between the vents… Move that tree! 🙂