Home Project || Amazon Echo Show 15

Nothing too crazy here but today’s project was wall mounting this Echo Show 15. It was very easy to install and I think it looks great!

Let’s see if we can be better organized in 2023! We’ll at least be able to get rid of that calendar on the fridge now.
Hey Alexa, can you add milk to the shopping list?

Home Project || Media Center – Part 2

I played around and got our surround sound temporarily wired… I’ll re-do it and clean up the wiring later but it’s nice finally getting to enjoy the in-wall and in-ceiling speakers again.

I’ve also been balancing customer orders but working on getting back to trimming out the network wiring too… after having to retrace where a lot of these were initially run.

I temporarily wired in the AVR and sub amp and have plans to add a second sub and amp later.
Slowly getting there… I need to terminate these and get the second patch panel mounted.
This view shows the in-ceiling speakers in the tray. They are currently wired as rear surrounds but I might transfer these to Dolby Atmos speakers later.
This view shows the in-ceiling 10-inch subwoofer (top left)… with plans to add another above the tree, centered between the vents… Move that tree! 🙂


ChatGPT is an open-source project by OpenAI which had a beta release on November 30th, 2022. There has been quite a buzz about the project, its capabilities, and how it can/will effect change in the future – it already is! What is ChatGPT? Let me tell you… better yet, let me allow ChatGPT to tell you…

ChatGPT is a recently developed large language model that was trained using a combination of supervised and unsupervised learning techniques. This makes it capable of generating human-like text responses to a wide range of prompts.

One of the key features of ChatGPT is its ability to understand and respond to natural language input. This means that you can have a conversation with it just as you would with another person. The model is also able to generate responses that are appropriate for the context of the conversation, making it a powerful tool for applications such as customer service chatbots, virtual assistants, and more.

Another interesting aspect of ChatGPT is its ability to learn from and adapt to new information. As the model is exposed to more and more data, it is able to improve its performance and generate more accurate and relevant responses. This makes it a valuable tool for businesses and organizations that need to keep up with changing customer needs and preferences.

Overall, ChatGPT is an exciting development in the field of natural language processing and machine learning. With its ability to understand and respond to human language, as well as its ability to learn and adapt, it has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with computers and other AI-powered systems.

The above response was taken directly from ChatGPT after I asked it to write a basic blog post on itself. You can ask it virtually anything and it will respond in a human-readable way that’s quick and easy to understand. It’s like a search engine on steroids because it’s not just giving you a list of links for you to click and read through yourself but rather consolidating information and presenting it to you directly. If you have additional questions or need the response refined you can continue asking questions and it will respond accordingly. Very cool! Very powerful! This is definitely a game changer!


It’s hard for me to imagine that I built my first website almost 18 years ago – when I first registered the domain drivenbysound.net on June 1st, 2004, for my business Driven By Sound. With very little knowledge of HTML I managed to figure out enough to kick off the first iteration of the website and offer car audio products for sale to online clients all over the world. While digging through some Photoshop books on web design, I spent a LOT of time building custom graphics and I rebuilt most of the site again in 2007, but never fully completed this iteration. In 2013, I spent countless hours trying to learn enough about WordPress to get it installed and then built out what would be my last website for Driven By Sound. At this point the website was no longer for e-commerce, but rather to showcase the products and services offered. I’ve now mostly sunset Driven By Sound and have rebranded it as Driven By Graphics, which currently has two different websites of it’s own, meeting product and service needs of two different target audiences:

dbgsupplyco.com offers products and services to other small businesses (B2B), primarily those in the sublimation industry.

dbgdpi.com offers products and services direct to local consumers (D2C).

I did try and preserve some of the old sites simply for historical purposes… to be able to look back and see the progress that’s been made. To be clear, I am not sharing these as ANY SORT of highlighted accomplishment of goodness. In fact, I don’t think these are very good at all, but they served their purpose!

Driven By Sound website circa 2007: marvinpeardon.com/2007

Driven By Sound website circa 2013: marvinpeardon.com/2013

Today, May 4, 2022, I’m trudging through WordPress again to get this site setup. Because the long durations between building most of these sites, it’s typically been a long and tedious process to get a layout and graphics that I’m happy with. For now, I’m going to try not to hold myself up with those things, knowing that I’ll be able to make changes and adjustments along the way – such is life!