Listening + Quotes

I am a listener. I listen to people speak in person, in videos, podcasts, text messages, or emails, and I often try to pick up on the nuances. What are they unconsciously saying, that they aren’t actually saying? Sometimes it’s easy to read between the lines, but typically it takes a bit of patience to pick up all the pieces and put the puzzle together.

I also like quotes and aphorisms that invoke deep thought, critical thinking, and/or reflection. Often I try to capture the good ones… jot them down on a sticky note or enter them into the Notes app on my phone. I’ve thought some of them could be paraphrased and put on a shirt to inspire others but I’ve never taken any action to do that. So what will I ever do with these quotes I hear or read that and record? Probably nothing or mostly nothing, but today I’ll take a little action and share. Most of them are not direct quotes, but paraphrased or wordsmithed to have more meaning or insert my own flavor of clarification.

The most inspiring people are those overcoming the fear of doing something, the courageous, not those who are excellent at it.

What do you believe to be true that isn’t?

Time is the most valuable asset that you will never own.

Having gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

These are only a few of the many but today I was led to share, even if only a little 😉

Die Cut Stickers

Today, well technically yesterday since I’m writing this at almost 2 am, was a LONG day. I’m headed out of town for the day job in the morning, so I’ve worked tirelessly to get every order I possibly could done and prepared for pickup while I’m away; at least 7 orders will be shipped tomorrow, assuming both UPS and USPS perform the pickups as scheduled. But let’s get to the title of this post… die-cut stickers! One of the orders I worked on today was for a new client, Triple Seven Concepts. They’re a new startup looking to do some marketing by way of stickers. So I got these printed and cut… and they’ll be headed out tomorrow!

Triple Seven Concepts | 3-inch Die Cut Stickers
Triple Seven Concepts | 5-inch Die Cut Stickers
Triple Seven Concepts | 5-inch & 3-inch Die Cut Stickers

And now that it’s a little past 2 am I should probably wrap this up because 4:45 is going to come really soon!

Shop Progress | Low Voltage

I continue to struggle with dedicating the time to documenting but continue pressing forward with accomplishments on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Last weekend I was able to wrap up this trim out of the low voltage wiring in the shop and prepare it to be covered with insulation.

I’ll also go ahead and fill in the insulation in the wall cavities to the bottom left (hopefully tomorrow) and basically finalize this back wall being ready for drywall… or potentially just sheets of plywood. I’ve been considering the plywood approach for a while and simply screwing in the sheets and leaving the fasteners exposed so that I could remove panels, to allow easy access if needed in the future. The only thing prohibiting this approach at this point is the current cost of plywood which is still substantially higher than it was pre-covid.

Aside from the shop progress, I was able to record 4 videos this week and got them edited and uploaded to my YouTube channel last night. Progress, progress, progress… one day at a time!